Introducing The S.P.O.T!

Where (S)tudents (P)our (O)ut (T)alent

Current Building

Our Vision

Welcome to the spot

The place where students pour out talent is located at 2235 W Fairview Ave. It is in need of serious renovations in order to make it safe for our youth. We are looking for help in getting the facility to where it needs to be. The home of TMC!!!  We will be housing our programs as well as hosting talent shows, bible studies and many other events designed to keep our youth occupied and off of the streets including A TMC original broadcast "Youth Yap." 

So please.... roll up your sleeves..... and help us in any way possible monetarily or physically to get this youth safe heaven up and running as soon as possible. 

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Our Progress


Big Thanks To Caddell Construction

That's My Child would love to give a huge thank you to The Caddell Construction Family for their generous contribution to finish our first phase of the S.P.O.T which is the roof!! We can't thank you guys enough for everything!