Introducing The S.P.O.T!

Where (S)tudents (P)our (O)ut (T)alent


Welcome to the spot

The place where students pour out talent is located at 2414 Lower Wetumpka Road Montgomery, AL 36110. We will be housing our programs as well as hosting talent shows, bible studies and many other events designed to keep our youth occupied and off of the streets including A TMC original broadcast "Youth Yap."  

Big Thanks To Our Supports


That's My Child would like to thank Lowe's for their generous grant towards the remodel of our new building! Thank you so much for making our dream a reality.


That's My Child thanks Serquest for their generous contribution towards our programs! Your gift makes our work possible.

That's My Child would love to give a huge thank you to The Caddell Construction Family for their generous contribution to That's My Child. We can't thank you guys enough for everything!


Big thanks to The Vance Law Firm for their generous donation and continued partnership. We are grateful to have you in our corner.


give to continue the mission