Our Story


Our mission is to mentor youth through arts and ENTREPRENEURSHIP, while giving them a safe place to devlop thier talents, and learning new skills to become tomorrows productive citizens.


Our vision is to see youth excel in life by becoming productive members of society and the future leaders of tomorrow.

That’s My Child (TMC) is a local 501(c)3 Nonprofit youth foundation, founded in 2012, by Montgomery resident Charles Lee. Growing up in the rough, gang-riddled streets of Chicago inspired Mr. Lee to donate his time and effort into being a family-like support system and a “way out” for less fortunate teens facing the hardships of today. Mr. Lee believes that giving teens a positive outlet where they can learn skills will give them an escape from their rough neighborhoods and ultimately open doors for a better future. 

TMC encourages teens to make wise choices and embrace their youth by providing these activities in an attempt to help them spend their time constructively, rather than becoming involved with gangs, crimes and other wrongdoings. TMC will help develop and prepare teens to enter adulthood and be prepared for life’s challenges. TMC wants to help create model citizens for a brighter future in Montgomery. TMC encourages our members to become responsible and work toward their goals by providing an outlet from life’s hardships.


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