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montgomery advertiser: Success is one kid at a time

"From everything I've experienced, it really boiled down to God trusting me with all of my experiences and helping others," he said.



““When God gives you a vision, you think it’s all going to happen overnight,” he said. “You forget all about the preparation. You forget all about the journey. And it was a journey.””


Foreword: Charles Lee and That's My Child

“a lot of people tell me ‘you need to change your image, take your golds out.’ but i never want to get lost in the sauce, i never want to be who i’m not. this is who i really am.”


That’s My Dog serves God, area youth and hot dogs

“The whole hot dog cart idea, it really spins off me wanting to start the youth organization and helping the kids,” he said. “But I really did not know what my niche was. Just getting out of prison, I didn’t know what my options were. God kind of worked it all out where I can work for myself and work in my purpose for life, which is giving back to kids.”


Charles Lee's mission: Turn abandoned building into hope for local kids

The program started with simple things — teaching kids how to tie ties, or change tires. Making sure they read books, applied for driver’s licenses and filled out college applications. Lee said the kids appreciated all of that but wanted a way and a place to be creative, too...


Charles Lee feeds body and mind of Montgomery youth

By the time he landed in Montgomery he was determined to make an impact, beginning with coaching team sports for youth. But he soon realized the youth needed more: instead of teaching kids how to win basketball games for two hours, it was time to teach them how to win in life...