Our Story

That’s My Child (TMC!) is a local youth foundation, founded in 2012, by Montgomery resident Charles Lee. Growing up in the rough, gang-riddled streets of Chicago inspired Mr. Lee to donate his time and effort into being a family-like support system and a “way out” for less fortunate teens facing the hardships of today. Mr. Lee believes that giving teens a positive outlet where they can learn skills will give them an escape from their rough neighborhoods and ultimately open doors for a better future. 


“The ultimate goal of TMC is to keep teens from street life by giving them a positive outlet to hang out, learn skills, develop talent and have fun!”



Among other classes and programs, TMC offers: dance programs, vocal programs, professionalism and preparedness classes, scholastic tutoring, and health and fitness classes. We will also have more skill and talent classes available toward the end of 2013. 

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Our Mission

TMC is all about planning for our teens futures and also for the well-being and togetherness of our community. TMC will create and organize projects related to skills, talents, intellect and professionalism. TMC hosts approximately 2-3 local community service projects and fundraisers per month in which the teens will participate. In return for the teens’ hard work, TMC! will make many talent and skills programs available to them. All of this is free of charge. That’s right. It’s free. The teens pay nothing. 


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TMC wants to help create model citizens for a brighter future in Montgomery Alabama. Every donation recieved goes toward the goal of providing youths an outlet from life’s hardships.

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