Other Programs Offered

That's My Child'sprograms are at the heart of Charles Lee's vision, the programs offer many classes each week to empower students with skills and knowledge to build a successful future

American Sign Language (ASL) 

TMC offers this class to teach American Sign Language to students.


This class teaches the fundamentals of baking to our youth in a safe environment. Youth are taught measurements and skills needed to successfully bake homemade cakes and pies.

Bucket Drum Class

Bucket Drum Class meets once a week to encourage musical development. Class teaches drum rhythms to youth on buckets. 

Chess Club

TMC teaches the students in the program the basic fundamentals of chess, as well as, strategy and philosophy of the game.

Dance Class

This class meets twice a week to encourage our youth to use dance as a form of expression. TMC teaches the fundamentals in different styles of dance including: jazz, lyrical, praise, and competition dance. In the future, we will also be adding tap.

Poetry and Creative Writing

TMC offers this class to encourage the youth to express themselves through poetry and creative writing. This weekly class focuses on sharpening the students writing skills by teaching language arts skills throughout the class.

Young & Classy

TMC’s women’s mentoring program, this program focuses on mentoring the young ladies in different aspects of life from a woman’s point of view. Youth participate in workshops as well as educational trips in order to successfully teach life skills to the young ladies of the program.