Barbershop Book Club


TMC’s Barbershop Book Club reading initiative partners with local barbershops in the community. Montgomery’s youth have the ability to earn a free haircut by either reading to the barber during the visit or completing a one page report on the book that was read.This is an initiative to Help Our local Barbers to get involved & To Promote Literacy within Our Community! As you all know the Number one place you can find our young men is the Barbershop, But not all of them can afford a haircut. So we came up with a Win/win situation. We have Partnered up with Local Barbershops That have agreed to Give young men Free Hair cuts, In return for them Reading a Book, & Doing a one Page Book Report! It Is Not to late if you want to get involved. We Can use More Books, and Help with getting these Bookshelves, And Putting the Bookshelves in these barbershops!!

Special Thanks to Max Credit Union for helping us build the bookshelves for the program!